Thursday, January 15, 2009

Google Chrome and GeneXus

Sites generated with GeneXus 9 did not experience visible differences beyond improved performance.

GeneXus X sites, however, display a blank form due to an incompatibility issue in two javascript files.

The problem has been fixed. The fix is available as a patch to the javascript files for those sites already in production and will be included in GeneXus X Upgrade 2.

To fix the problem in your site or in your current GeneXus X installation, download this executable and follow the instructions below.

  • Extract ChromePatch.exe from the downloaded zip file to any directory.
  • Open a command window (i.e. Start/Run/cmd.exe)
  • To fix your GeneXus X installation (Upgrade independent)
    • Make your GeneXus installation directory current (usually C:\Program Files\Artech\GeneXus\GenexusX)
    • If you use Java, change to the gxjava subdirectory and run ChromePatch.exe
    • If you use .Net, change to the gxnet subdirectory and run ChromePatch.exe

    These steps will fix the GeneXus installation only and will apply to all new Knowledge Bases. If you need to fix an already existing Knowledge Base’s site, follow the instructions below.

  • To fix a site
    • Make your site’s actual directory current
    • Run ChromePatch.exe

ChromePatch.exe provides feedback while processing. The typical output should be as follows:

Patching file: gxgral.js 
Finished with file: gxgral.js  
Patching file: gxgral.src.js 
Finished with file: gxgral.src.js  
Patching finished  Press any key to finish program

We are performing further tests with this new browser. Stay tuned.

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