Wednesday, December 03, 2008

how to add my language to GenexUS X default language list

Example: Mongolian language

i was created xpz file of Mongolian (Mongolian.xpz)

1. step one 

a. copy file "English.xpz" to "" in tmp directory

Path of "English.xpz": {GENEXUS INSTALLED DIRECTORY}\ObjectDefinitions\Language

b. extract "" in tmp directory

c. extracted English\English.xml copy to mylanguage.xml (Mongolian.xml) in tmp directory

2. step two

a. language name change from English to mylangeuage (Mongolian)

English to Mongolian

     b. to archive mylanguage.xml (Mongolian.xml)  file to (
     c . copy ( to {GENEXUS INSTALLED DIRECTORY}\ObjectDefinitions\Language\mylanguage.xpz (Mongolian.xpz)

3. step three
     restart GenexusX   :)

4. Select mylanguage (Mongolian)

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