Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Нанотехнологийн дэвшлүүд

Нэлээдгүй юмууд хийгдэжээ маш жижиг хурдтан нано мэдрэгч, Супер дамжуулагч, Супер лаятүйм зай , Пластик транзистор гээл нэлээд юм байнаа

A New Superconductor

No resistance: New superconductors contain alternating layers of iron arsenide (orange and red) and rare earth metal oxides (blue and gray) doped with fluorine (green). Iron arsenide compounds become superconducting at relatively high temperatures of 55 K, and researchers are now beginning to decipher their superconducting mechanism.
Credit: Hideo Hosono, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Super-Charging Lithium Batteries

Swelling nanowires: Upon charging with lithium ions, these silicon nanowires swell from 89 nanometers wide (top) to 141 nanometers wide and elongate (bottom); they can accommodate 10 times more lithium ions than conventional graphite electrodes can. As a result, the nanowires could more than triple the energy capacity of lithium batteries.
Credit: Yi Cui

Smarter, Faster Nano Sensor
Small sensor: A close-up shows carbon nanotubes (bottom) spanning the space between interlocking gold electrodes in a new type of gas sensor. The nanotubes are coated with an amine through which gases adsorb on the nanotube surface and detach after a few milliseconds. Change in conductivity of the carbon nanotubes specifies which gas was adsorbed.
Credit: Chang Young Lee, MIT

Plastic Transistors for Flexible Displays

Powerful plastic: As a solvent evaporates, strands of two types of polymers, conductive polythiophene and flexible polymethylacrylate, form spontaneously. (The light and dark areas indicate the different polymers.) The material is tough and has good electronic properties.
Credit: Richard D. McCullough, Carnegie Mellon University


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